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Westervelt 2024 Promotions Include 2 New Officers, 4 EVPs

November 15, 2023

The Westervelt Company has announced two new officer roles and four promotions for other officers.

Travis Hemmen has been promoted from director to executive vice president and general manager, Westervelt Ecological Services (WES), effective January 1, 2024.

Jonathan Lowery has been promoted from director to vice president, sustainability and government relations, effective January 1, 2024.

The following vice presidents will be named executive vice president as part of the Westervelt 2024 promotions:

  • Mark Richardson, executive vice president and general manager, wood products
  • Dave Donaldson, executive vice president and general manager, forest resources
  • Ray Robbins, executive vice president and general counsel
  • Alisa Robertson, executive vice president, human resources

“As our business continues our legacy of sustainability, we are pleased to welcome these new roles to our team,” said Cade Warner, Westervelt’s current chief operating officer who will replace the retiring Brian Luoma as president and CEO January 1, 2024. “As long-time leaders at The Westervelt Company, both Travis and Jonathan are poised to continue to focus on guiding the Company in ways that ensure we are leading our industry in protecting our natural resources.”

In addition to the Westervelt 2024 promotions, Tony Sheffield joined The Westervelt Company as CFO in the third quarter of 2023 with more than 30 years in the wood products industry.

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