Our Members

SFPA member companies are engaged in or affiliated with the manufacture, treatment, lamination, sale or distribution of Southern Pine lumber and processed lumber products. Here are the two categories of SFPA membership, with links to current rosters:

Lumber Manufacturer Members

Any individual, corporation, partnership or association engaged in the  U.S. domestic manufacture  of Southern Pine lumber whether from the log or from rough green, and shipped whether treated or untreated, from all the Member’s plants, irrespective of the destination of such shipments (including member’s shipments to a member’s distribution center).  “Lumber” is defined to be a manufactured product derived from a Southern Pine log in a sawmill, or in a sawmill and planing mill.  Dues are paid on all lumber shipped (including lumber purchased for treating, laminating, component manufacturing, then shipped).  Lumber Manufacturers do not qualify for other classes of membership.

Associate Members

Any individual, corporation, partnership or association not qualified as a Lumber Manufacturer member and engaged in some business involved with the manufacture and/or distribution of Southern Pine lumber, and is interested in the objectives and purposes of the Association, may submit an application for membership to the Executive Director.  Dues are established by the Board of Directors and paid annually.