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New Member Alert: SCAN~LINK Technologies

October 23, 2023

The Southern Forest Products Association is proud to welcome SCAN~LINK Technologies as an associate member!

SCAN~LINK began in 2009 when Jonathan Fava, president, saw the need for a more precise detection solution, one that detects people rather than objects in the path of reversing equipment.

The SCAN~LINK system is a patented RFID-based personnel detection system that detects people – rather than objects – near mobile equipment. Ground workers are tagged with passive RFID tags in their vests and hard hats, and mobile equipment is outfitted with an antenna/reader. When a worker wearing the tagged apparel walks behind a machine, the operator is alerted with an audio and visual prompt, letting them know  there is a person instead of a random object behind the machine. Additionally, an external alarm is activated upon detection that alerts the ground worker they are in the danger zone. One of the many advantages is zero false alarms.

To detect objects, SCAN~LINK has an asset marker tag, which is a small, rigid, passive RFID tag that can be applied to anything that must be detected. The in-cab display unit alerts the operator with an audio and visual prompt when a tag has been detected and differentiates between a worker/personal tag and an asset/marker tag. The in-cab display has two different-sounding audio prompts – one for a tagged person and one for a tagged object.

SCAN~LINK products help the forestry industry realize a significant risk in human-machine interface because of the size of heavy equipment and the environment it operates in. SCAN~LINK is used in other industries, too, including waste, construction, oil and gas. Their in-house production allows for product customization to serve customers’ needs.

Learn more at scan-link.com or contact [email protected] or (866) 554-5582.








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