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AWPA Meeting Recap

May 23, 2016

Lively discussions this week punctuated the annual meeting of the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) in Puerto Rico. Within the meeting of the T-2 Committee, efforts to add a new Use Category 3C for critical above ground use did not win the required two-thirds majority.  AWPA had already established the Above Ground Hazard Class Review Task Force for further discussion and related ideas to be considered at future AWPA meetings.

SFPA was represented at the meetings by Eric Gee who is a voting T-2 Committee member, and also participates on task groups that will address changes to the AWPA standards and where new proposals are generated.

A standard from AWPA, effective with the publication of its 2016 Book of Standards in late June, expands the definition of ground contact exposure for treated wood. The standard establishes guidelines under the Use Category 4A, stating that wood treated to ground contact is to be specified for: ground-level decks and walkways, where the treated wood is installed less than 6” above the ground; applications where adequate air circulation around the structure or water drainage beneath the structure is not available; places where vegetation and other debris can accumulate and remain in contact with the treated wood; places where treated wood is frequently wetted, such as waterfront docks and walkways, around swimming pools and hot tubs; – structural components (deck beams, joists, ledgers) that would be considered difficult to maintain, repair or replace, and are critical to the performance and safety of the system/construction.

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