Successful Seminars in Mexico

Recently, a pair of educational seminars in Monterey and Mexico City enhanced the knowledge of U.S. softwood products among importers, distributors, architects and builders.

During their visit, a four-member team from American Softwoods (AMSO) toured Maderería NASA, one of the largest pallet manufacturers in the country, with operations in Tampico and Monterey. The company’s close proximity to a port enables them to export pallets and custom packaging to a wide customer base. While at the Tampico facility, SFPA’s Eric Gee delivered a presentation to the firm’s purchasing managers and sales personnel. Eric explained Southern Pine grades, various treatments and applications. He fielded questions from the group related to the strength and durability properties of Southern Pine.

The two seminars were well-attended by architects, designers, engineers and lumber distributors. Eric’s presentation focused on the many structural uses of Southern Pine products, primarily in residential construction. One attendee’s company manufactures prefabricated homes using U.S. structural panels and SP lumber. Several attendees asked for clarification of the differences between U.S. Southern Pine and Chilean pine; Eric provided plenty of helpful facts. “With more information, importers will be able to make better buying decisions without solely looking at price,” Eric noted.

Audiences at both seminars showed a lot of interest in learning more about U.S. materials, engineered wood products and Southern Pine lumber, as well as how to contact U.S. suppliers. AMSO plans to continue educational efforts in Mexico into 2019, reaching different regions of the country.

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