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International Directory Now in Circulation

Distribution began recently for the 2016 Forest Products Export Directory. With a worldwide circulation of 10,000 copies, this 41st annual edition reaches importers, distribution yards, traders and agents. It lists all major exporters of North American forest products, helping overseas buyers to find suppliers.  SFPA’s full-page ad on page 45 directs readers to SouthernPineGlobal.com where readers can find listings of all member exporters. Contact Miller Wood Trade Publications at 800/844-1280 to order a copy.

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Treated Wood Infographic Finalized

With a recent approval from the AWPA Executive Committee, the final edition of a helpful infographic has been developed by the Softwood Lumber Board’s Wood, Naturally  residential campaign; click here to download it. Using the schematic of a basic residential property, the full-page graphic identifies treated wood uses around the home and specifies the proper Use Category for each application.

This single sheet aims to visually simplify the correct specification of treated lumber, and could be a very helpful sales aid for lumber dealers as well as for homeowners about to tackle an outdoor project.  Treaters can use this sheet to educate their customers, too. SFPA is using this new infographic as an additional resource on its websites.

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Annual Meeting: SFPA’s Second Century Begins

Blue skies and unseasonably warm temperatures greeted delegates to SFPA’s 2016 Annual Meeting last week in Williamsburg, Virginia. The event marked the beginning of the association’s second century. More than 100 members, spouses and guests gathered at The Williamsburg Lodge for the three-day confab, with the theme: Planning 4 Progress.

A round of golf and a musket shooting competition were fun activities and networking opportunities for all to enjoy Wednesday, October 19. The threesome of Kevin Berkey from Hood Industries, Robert Slater from Stiles Machinery and Gero Springer from Springer-Mictrotec posted the best score on the challenging Golden Horseshoe’s Green Course. Bruce Kicklighter from Autolog took top gun honors shooting period muskets from the Revolutionary War era.

Wednesday evening featured a chance meeting with Thomas Jefferson at the Welcome Reception, including displays by 22 sponsoring exhibitors. “SFPA appreciates the support of all these companies and their various sponsorships,” noted executive director Tami Kessler.

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