Membership Dues

How to Join

Category Base Dues Dues Cap Rate Basis Board Seat
Lumber Mill $4,000 $200,000 $0.13/Mbf 1 per company
International Mill $4,000 $200,000 $0.13/Mbf 1 per 5 companies
Treater $4,000 $25,000 $0.10/Mbf 4 max
Laminator $1,000 $6,000 $0.15/Mbf 1 per 5 companies
$2,000 $6,000 Sales Based
2 max
Associate $1,000 N/A N/A None

In addition, Associate Members who travel under the Foreign Agriculture Service Program (FAS), will pay dues based upon their participation in trade shows and/or trade missions.  SFPA will reimburse the FULL amount of travel expenses according to FAS guidelines, and send an invoice for 25% of the cost of the trip for the special travel related association dues, (Associate Company Participation Program).

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