Record SP Exports in June

Exports of Southern Pine lumber greatly increased in June, amounting to more than 77 million board feet (MMbf), according to the latest reports from the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service. This volume represents an increase of 18% above the same month last year, contributing to an overall year-to-date increase of 13% when compared with the first six months of 2016. Offshore shipments during June roughly break down as follows: 40.4 MMbf dressed, 15.8 MMbf rough, and 21.3 MMbf treated lumber.

“We’ve seen continued growth in exports to China, led by SFPA members,” notes Jerry Hingle, the Southern Pine Council’s international consultant. “There has also been strong growth in SP exports to new emerging markets in Southeast Asia and Central America. SPC began promotional efforts in those regions within the past couple of years and those efforts are paying off,” he adds.

Softwood lumber imports to the U.S. decreased in June, reaching 1.1 billion board feet (Bbf), a dip of 11% from the volume imported during June of 2016. Through the first six months of this year, softwood imports are up three percent when compared with the first six months of a year ago.

SFPA members can find detailed monthly reports of Southern Pine exports and softwood lumber imports in the Members Only section at These reports are provided as a benefit of SFPA membership. This data originates from USDA. SFPA assimilates the USDA wood products data and prepares a more user-friendly eight-page report to reflect only relevant Southern Pine volumes exported and a two-page report of softwood volumes imported, including three-year comparisons by month and year-to-date. SFPA’s reports by country also feature conversion of all volumes to thousand board feet (Mbf).