Staff Completes Educational Tour

Last week, SFPA staffers visited several members along the Gulf coast for a firsthand look at Southern Pine operations. Our first stop was the Canfor Southern Pine plant in Mobile, Alabama. We met with Lee Goodloe and Peter McGowan who led us on a comprehensive tour of the facility.

The next morning, Eric Gee took the staff on an In-Woods tour to explain the different pine species and forest management practices. From there, we drove to Pensacola, Florida to visit Steve Singleton at the new office of the Southern Pine Inspection Bureau (SPIB). We met with Lumber Testing Manager Steve Barroga. He explained the process of the resource monitoring effort currently underway and taught SFPA’s Erin Graham how to break a 2×4. Kim Merritt, Director of SPIB’s Treated Division, demonstrated the quality-control processes that samples undergo in the testing lab.

The next day, we drove to Irvington, Alabama to visit Steve Croft and Tim Belcher at Great Southern Wood Preserving, Inc. We toured the facility and observed the pressure-treating process. Our last stop was to nearby Mack Manufacturing, a fabricator of grapples and buckets; Matthew Davidson led our tour.

“This field trip was an invaluable opportunity for both new and longtime staff members to see the industry and forest resources up close,” commented Tami Kessler, SFPA Executive Director. Click here for a collection of photos from the trip.