Indonesian Seminars a Success

On behalf of American Softwoods, two recent presentations in Semarang and Surabaya, Indonesia, introduced importers and key decision makers to American softwood products. SFPA’s Eric Gee introduced the features and benefits of Southern Pine materials, including treated products. While markets for pressure-treated lumber exist, a better understanding of proper retention levels and recommended preservative types is needed in the country’s severe wood decay hazard environment. Eric addressed the merits of using SP for interior applications, too, especially doors, stairs and windows. He also covered abundant Southern Pine resources, forest management practices, sustainability, and the legality of timber harvesting.

Eric teamed with Chris Knowles of Oregon State University who spoke about several U.S. softwood species available from the northeastern and western states. The seminars provided an interactive learning environment where the audience eagerly engaged both speakers on a variety of subjects. During the reception which followed each event, attendees continued their inquiries about American softwoods, asking more questions about sustainability, stand rotation, and product qualities.

“Several opportunities exist for increased exports of American softwoods to Indonesia,” Eric noted. “Low manufacturing costs and an abundant labor supply make Indonesia a prime market for softwood usage in furniture, doors, and molding,” he added.

Click here to see a collection of photos Eric made on the trip.