2016: Record SP Exports

Exports of Southern Pine lumber in 2016 reached a record 688 million board feet valued at more than $413 million. Within this volume, exports of pressure-treated lumber also reached a record, more than double the shipments from just five years ago.

Exports have jumped sharply to regions targeted by the Southern Pine Council’s (SPC) international market development efforts. Record sales were achieved in China and emerging markets recently targeted by SPC in Southeast Asia, Central America, and South America. “Rising demand for Southern Pine lumber is undeniably linked to the industry’s efforts to introduce this species to buyers worldwide,” noted Jerry Hingle, SFPA’s international consultant.

SFPA partners with the Southeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association (SLMA) to unite the common export objectives of Southern Pine lumber producers under the SPC promotional banner. The associations leverage USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS)-administered programs to promote exports of Southern Pine lumber.  These cost-share programs allow the industry to reach emerging markets that were, until recently, untapped.